Monitoring the Health Development of the Fetus in Pregnant Women With a Way to Detect Fetal Heart Rate

Fetal heart detector  using Doppler ultrasonic sensors commonly used in the medical field today. This tool is very helpful in monitoring the health development of the fetus in pregnant women with a way to detect fetal heart rate during a certain time interval. The rate of fetal heart rate has standards that have been agreed to, doctors (medical officers) can analyze the health of the fetus and also the actions that must be taken before childbirth.
Fetal heart rate calculation tool has been widely available in the market with a variety of brands. But unfortunately this is still a valuable tool also still too high and simple (only showing fetal heart rate only) is equipped with a system without a database. For the current computerized system already being used in health institutions like hospitals and places of other health services. Therefore needed a system that can integrate with each other to provide better services
In this final project has created software for the measurement of fetal heart rate. For signal detection (sensor), heart rate, used ultrasonic doppler probes 2.5 MHZ BL-500B. Then the signal is used to strengthen a small signal amplifier variable 1-10 times. Signal at the input to the computer through the microphone on the soundcard for digital signal processing. Signal processing consisted of a viewer program signal, windowing FIR digital filter 9-39 Hz bandpass filter with transition band 4 Hz. To calculate the BPM (Beat Per Minutes) was collected by using an average of BPM signal voltage and diagnosed according to a predefined standard.
The first goal of this tool will facilitate in providing more information to the physician (medical officer) in analyzing the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Also with this tool can be used at home by using an existing computer without having to frequently go to the doctor to monitor the condition of the fetus.