Minerals to Feel Better


Nature provides us with various characteristics can be used to benefit our health. These nutrients positively affect our body, so we should not hesitate to include them in our diet.

Sometimes we do not feel the necessary spirit or force that we need to face the day to day, that’s when we think about how to strengthen our body. There are some mineral elements that act positively in these situations. Know something more about them:

Fatigue and exhaustion are symptoms of anemia. Women of childbearing age have increased need for iron intake, due to losses during menstruation, maybe that’s why iron deficiency is one of the problems present more female segment. If you started a diet to lose weight without consulting a specialist, the chances of iron deficiency have increased.

In any case the best way to consume this mineral is in meat and fish. Cereals and green leafy vegetables also provide iron, but keep in mind that it is of plant origin and is absorbed less. To counter this in your diet includes foods rich in vitamin C (like citrus), because they increase the ability to have this type of iron.

An unbalanced diet and situations such as stress, fatigue, intense physical or intellectual effort, and so on., Can cause magnesium deficiency. This manifests itself in symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, nervousness, light sleep disorders, muscle cramps, etc.

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes and fish gives you the magnesium you need. A good way to ensure adequate intake of this mineral is to start the day with a glass of chocolate milk and hazelnuts.

It’s in anxiety for sweets, which can be caused by a fall in glucose levels in the blood, manifested in weight gain and difficulty losing kilos despite having a regime. This decline may be caused by a deficiency of chromium, a mineral found abundantly in mussels, dates, pears and tomatoes.

Chromium helps the body to balance glucose levels, which causes anxiety disappears for sweets and the need to snack between meals. Tomato juice can bring you the amount of chromium you need a day, prepare it by adding oil, salt and a sprig of basil.