Migraine and Pregnancy

Migraine and Pregnancy

Is safe to take medication for migraine, while you’re pregnant? This is one of the questions that many of the pregnant women who do suffer from migraines, and the answer is simple: It depends.

The drug addicts are (as the codeine commonly associated with Tylenol) is secure. However, the majority is used by other drug problems to combat the headache.

Other drugs were not tested for the headache-sufficient in people as to ensure that its food is safe during pregnancy and it can not be applied in different type of medication for the pain, because many of them can cause heart defects in the fetus.

Also not recommended any type of medication that contains caffeine, because each of these pills is equivalent to a cup of coffee, to combat the headache, we require at least after 4 of these pills, which would correspond to four cups of coffee by day, what more caffeine equivalent as one can assume, if you are pregnant.

The doctors write another type of medication before a general, not only caffeine but also contains barbituric that are completely prohibited for pregnant women.