Menopause: an opportunity to reaffirm the identity


Menopause marks a before and after in the life of any woman, often accompanied by a period of crisis. How to readjust and overcome fears.

Menopause for women mark the end of her reproductive capacity, the “critical age”, but does not occur just at the time of the last menstrual period, but before they appear on a gradual and progressive organic manifestations, such as changing the frequency and duration of menstrual cycle, which account for the change that is taking place at the body.

This process involves a psychologically correlate well, there are different emotional reactions such as mood swings, insecurity, fear of the future, sadness, anxiety, depression, and so on.

Coping with menopause
So far I have mentioned what every woman, minimally informed, know about this very special period of life. The question is: if all women suffer necessarily and inevitably some of these disorders, how to face that change and get that instead of prevailing feelings of loss and emptiness we find new possibilities for personal fulfillment?

Each person is unique and unrepeatable individuality and the way they respond to life situations is the joint result of several factors: personal (individual story) social and cultural rights.

It will not be the same for women that motherhood has made her feelings for disappearing his biological mother can be, for he has put all his energy on family formation, which also usually starts to divide in that time as children leave more independent than for that which has developed other interests.

The one that has managed to become a stable partner will be more satisfactory than that contained not have the support of a partner.

From a socio-cultural aspect, an environment in which the “non motherhood is seen as a stigma (and although not explained, this is still very refined), increases the experience of failure in the woman who has not been able they turned their creative potential in other planes beyond the biological.

The relationship of women with your body and how this affects their personal assessment (self), an image “forever young” is another of the many aspects to consider in understanding the situation of each one in particular.

While irreversible evolutionary process, menopause requires each woman (and consequently his psyche), find adaptive resources that allow transit nontraumatic. Alone or with professional counseling, must perform a complex task that involves connecting with itself, its history, accepting loss, draw duels, make their own personal achievements and meet with their creative sides.

In a time of balance, the opportunity to evaluate, to learn from the lived, to project what remains to be done … Not long ago a woman was considered old at 40 years, today we find successful and active women aged 60 and over … You can get back the ability to procreate but not to create, enjoy and love.