Men feel Old at 58 and Women at 29

old couple

Age is synonymous with experience, maturity, and gray … And apparently, those white whiskers were overweight women.

Something we already know is that the passage of time does not cause conflict both men and women, but the findings of a recent study did have left me surprised: they claim to notice his age of around 59, but we are starting to feel old when we barely have 29 years old.

But what makes us feel old? According to a survey by the funeral Avalon Funeral Plans, and released by the Daily Mail, there are three things that make women feel they have lost their youth: the gray hair, a skin as fresh and postpartum body .

What makes women feel old

A quarter of women surveyed said they had begun to feel old when he discovered his first gray hair.

10% of women said they noticed the effects of age when your skin lost its glow of youth. >> Healthy and smooth skin for life

50% of women said they have felt old when their “attributes” began to disappear after having given birth and breastfed their children.

3% of women said they had noticed they were older when they realized that they were acting like their mothers.

What makes men feel old

Two thirds of men surveyed said they were old when they failed to have a good sexual performance.

22% said they hit the age when the music of the bars began to seem very high.

Feeling old is a matter of mind (and social)

For men, the fountain of youth has to do with work, and for women, fashion, says a psychologist Cary Cooper of Lancaster University.

“Women begin to feel old when … do not feel in fashion,” said the mental health expert, the Daily Mail While most men “do not feel old until they reach the age of retire (from work). ”

The psychologist went on to say that the critical moment for women are 30 years because at that age “have matured and are expected to begin to think about getting married and starting a family.”

But aging and the concept of old age we are conditioned to what society has told us about them. “No one is young or old, the media tell you you’re young or old,” the psychiatrist said Christos Ballas, the University of Pennsylvania, AOL Health. “The media tell you that if you are a woman, your time is the 30, if you’re a man, you feel good until 60.”