Lose Weight with Spirulina Algae


Achieve the ideal weight is not just a matter of physical attraction but also health. So in developed countries where obesity is a national health problem, have been studying the properties of some algae that help reduce body fat.

These were the alga spirulina , a blue-green micro algae that are characterized by their high content of essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that make it a complete dietary supplement .

Also take advantage of algae in the diets by the feeling of fullness that exercise and the great contribution of iodine that activates the fat burning through the thyroid gland.

Spirulina algae have a high energy content , plus a huge effect detoxifying both foreign and domestic. For all these features is usually taken as a supplement during pregnancy and as reinforcement in the treatment of long recovery.

To its benefit, universities in Japan and the U.S. have investigated their properties and applications for health human and found that spirulina promoted the activation of anticancer substances in the body.
It also stimulates the immune system , supports cardiovascular function and improving gastrointestinal and digestive health.

Among its main benefits figure is antirheumatic and anti infectious , provides energy and muscle development aid. It works like an excellent regenerator of skin and has a high antioxidant, so it is ideal to complement dieting and to combat malnutrition.

If powder, take one teaspoon every morning flush added to fruit juice, smoothies, yogurt or any other preparation to complete your daily diet.

If you are in capsule form, take two capsules before breakfast meetings, lunch and dinner with 30 minutes early and you’ll see results within days.