Lindsay Rosenwald: A Doctor And Medical Business Guru

Nowadays, biotechnological researches are quite significant because of the increasing rate of serious illnesses and medical problems. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is one of the people to trust in this field. He had contributed enormously in the revolution of modern treatments for leukemia, heart problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis, obesity, Fibromyalgia and a lot more.

He is the founder of several companies which markets stem cell, gene and cancer vaccines. Most of the companies that he held, especially those in the pharmaceutical lines are well-known to get marketing approval from the FDA after successful clinical trials in just a short period of time. For more than 20 years of being in this field he has proven his great skill both as a doctor and financial advisor.

Being in the biotechnology industry is not an easy task, but with the dedication and continuous hard work of Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald it had evolved triumphantly in the past few years. He had made a lot of great contributions not only to investors in this trade but also to those people who are seeking for revolutionary medicines and treatments. Aside from that, he is also the founder of Rosenwald Foundation which is a non-profit organization that funds modern research and facilities for the advancement of clinical technologies. Furthermore, he has provided funding and capital to more than a few portfolio companies. In 2009, Cougar Biotechnology which is founded by him was acquired by the Johnson & Johnson for an astonishing $1 billion.

The most remarkable thing about that is it is only for the abiraterone acetate which is designated for the treatment and therapy of prostate cancer and at that time it was not even in the phase III of its clinical trials but the company saw a great potential in that drug. That is how reliable Dr. Rosenwald in terms of biotechnology. It is no wonder how he landed at the top spot of the “100 Molecular Millionaires” in the Genetic Engineering News in 2002. According to the article, he was worth $617,421,671, imagine that! And that was nine years ago, how much more now?

In 2009, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald founded and manages a new company called Opus Point Partners together with his partner Michael Weiss. It is a company that concentrates on investments in life sciences and medical advancement and they also offer consultation services. He continuously invests on some business related in medical industry with a promising return and his success today only proves his expertise on both financial and medical area.