Lets Energize

Everyone knows it’s back … Children are going back to school, you work or that of the little daily routine.

After the holidays, you do not really want to get back to work, you think about the next vacation, you just drag your feet, you run out of enthusiasm, vitality.

Well, I know a way for you to regain your vitality very quickly and that you energized for this autumn.

Eat the grapes!

And this falls very well: in late August-early September, the grapes are found on all the market stalls, shops. So enjoy.

Why the grapes?

Because it has all the virtues necessary to restore your health and fitness. It is calorie (energy) and contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, water, a delicate balance, which alone could be enough to make you live ten days without eating anything else.

While the grape contains sugar (88% carbohydrate per 100 g) but the “good” sugar: fructose and mannitol, provided to choose ripe. For this reason it can be eaten by diabetics and is recommended in cases of hypoglycemia. This is what will give you energy to burn without increasing the level of sugar in your blood.

The grape also improves your bowel with mannitol and fiber: insoluble contained in grape skins and contained soluble gum, pectin, polysaccharides grapes. These soluble fibers also protect against cardiovascular diseases since they regulate cholesterol and blood pressure.

The grape is also composed of enzymes that strengthen your immune system, destroying the germs and bacteria that lodge in your intestines and can more easily absorb nutrients from your diet.

Very rich in water (80%), grapes is a very good complement to 2 liters of liquid you need to absorb a day to renew the water in your cells, your muscles, to moisturize your skin to eliminate toxins. Without this daily intake of liquid, you may be more tired, less alert, more stiff, more prone to muscle aches …

But the water in the grapes is higher than the mineral water because it allows your body to assimilate more easily trace elements present in grapes that are potassium and silicon.
Potassium lowers blood pressure, combat fatigue, cramps, heavy legs. As for silicon, it can relieve arthritis, rheumatism, to delay the aging of the skin, making the arteries more flexible and thus prevent heart attacks.

The grape also contains magnesium as easily absorbed liquid form. As everyone knows, magnesium is a good anti-stress and anti-fatigue.

Copper is also present in grapes, which strengthens your immunity and help fight against infections, viruses.
Finally, the grape contains three important vitamins: The B necessary to renew your cells and has an anti-depression (especially B6), the C that restores tone and is antioxidant, which slows cell aging, reduces cardiovascular disease and have a preventive effect against cancer, the E, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-fatigue.

That, as you can see, the grapes are a great fruit concentrates all the benefits needed to rebalance, revitalize, protect, maintain youth … your body.

Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, anti-aging “anti-disease”, “anti-cholesterol”, anti-depression, “anti-muscle pain,” anti-arthritis … “anti-everything” or so, the grape must be consumed without moderation. But be careful anyway, because it is a very caloric fruit. So when you eat grapes, may be eating a little less sweet foods or high in fat.

Some suggested courses of grapes. They recommend eating nothing but grapes and grapes, all meals: 3 pounds a day for 10 days. Because of its composition, it does not follow any deficiency, on the contrary, and early fall, it would prepare your body for winter and you would lose weight because of its diuretic effect seen intakes.

But beware, if you feel able, talk to your doctor before everyone does not react the same way. In addition, the cure can not be improvised overnight, there is a preparatory phase. Educate yourself, take your precautions before!
If not, just to eat regularly, as is the high season, this can make you as good!