Less Stomach Cancer in Women With Green Tea

Green TeaIf you needed another reason to drink green tea, here’s one: Japanese women who regularly drink five or more cups a day are 20 percent less likely to have stomach cancer.

A team of researchers studied the use of green tea for cancer prevention because he suspected that antioxidants protect the infusion of the fatal disease, especially because it would include substances that attack bacteria associated with stomach tumors.

But previous studies did not obtain conclusive results, they wrote in the journal Gut. To better understand the real effects of green tea, Dr. M. Inoue, National Cancer Center in Tokyo, and colleagues reviewed six of those previous works.

Together, the research included more than 219,000 men and women 40 years and older, who were followed over seven to 11 years. Four out of five respondents said they drank green tea daily; third drank five or more cups per day.

During follow up, about 2,500 of the nearly 100,000 men and about 1,000 of the over 118,000 women participants developed stomach cancer.

The researchers found no association among men between the highest tea consumption and lower cancer risk.

The 20 per cent reduction in risk of stomach cancer observed among women who drank five cups or more, over a cup or less of green tea per day, remained after taking account of smoking.

But the risk reduction was applied to tumors that arise in certain parts of the stomach.

The study does not prove a cause-effect, but suggests that more studies are needed to confirm whether drinking green tea reduces the risk of developing stomach cancer or whether women with lower risk of autism are those that consume more tea.