Laser Hair Removal

Excessive hair has condemned many women routinely waxing and depilatory creams that promise quick and prolonged elimination of unwanted hair. Progressive consolidation of new techniques such as laser hair has revolutionized aesthetic solution that offers a scenic view of the problems that sometimes, no longer a simple matter of image to go to become a nuisance with significant social consequences, as in the case of hirsutism.

Laser hair removal system is a fundamental guns, which emit light of one wavelength and can be very selective about the target that will absorb. This length is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which is responsible for the color that, while it is not absorbed by the water found in the skin. This makes it possible to burn the hair and the matrix that contains the hair without damaging the skin.

This is a permanent method, because its effect lasts for about five years, but not definitive. Although it is impossible that the hair grows back, you can ensure scientifically. “When you look at skin under a microscope looks in some cases death of follicles, whereas in other cases a miniature hair, as in the case of alopecia, where there is terminal hair follicles of life is priceless though.
Advantages and disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

The duration and effectiveness of treatment depends on the areas where it operates. “In English, destroying 90 percent of the hair in about four sessions. On the face, this process is slower and needs between nine and 10 sessions in the case of the Mediterranean phototype black hair and white skin”

For this technique to work is essential to the existence of melanin in the hair so blond or red hair, do not give a satisfactory result. Gray hair is usually not treated as well as people with a high phototype (black), because the laser can burn your skin.

Although the principle of hair removal is not painful, there may be discomfort in severe cases of hairy, so numb cream an hour before treatment.

Tips and warnings for this treatment

– Avoid exposure to sunlight or tanning booth before treatment.

– Three days before treatment did not have to use creams that contain retinoic or glycolic, because they can leave the skin is too sensitive.

– People who have used isotretinoía, a retinoid used to treat acne, can not undergo laser hair until at least 8 weeks after you stop using the substance.

– You can not take the sun or exposure to UVA rays for at least 15 days after laser hair to avoid the possibility of skin hyperpigmentation.

– Burn rare. Even if they do, specialist and certified pre-tests conducted to determine the sensitivity of the skin.