Intestinal Volvulus

intestinal volvulus

Intestinal volvulus is an alteration of a portion of the intestine, this is screwed in itself and is a frequent cause of intestinal obstruction. Lack of familiarity with this disease is a factor that constantly contributes to delayed diagnosis and treatment.

It is reported that the incidence is 2.8 to 7.1 cases per million people per year, and this alteration is responsible for between 1 and 5% of all intestinal obstructions in adults and between 25 and 40% of all volvulus involving the large intestine.

It is thought that this alteration is involved in dietary and cultural factors that influence intestinal motility.

Signs and symptoms:
Patients with this condition may have variable symptoms, which may range from intermittent abdominal pain that is self limited to acute severe abdominal pain associated with strangulation of the bowel and infection.