Hypnosis for smoking cessation

The struggle to stop smoking can be really hard. In many cases, successfully won and never approaching a cigarette . In others, the service can be more. If you are a smoker wanting to quit their bad habit and have tried everything without results, we present an alternative that can help: the hypnosis .

The hypnosis to quit smoking is usually very effective. When we submit to hypnosis , we achieve a deep state of relaxation that allows us to explore our subconscious. Once we enter that state, we focus on the origin of a specific problem, as in this case is the addiction to smoking , and seek a solution to eliminate it.

Thus, the exploration of our subconscious enough to change our conscious behavior. A smoker who submits to hypnosis to quit smoking know how to make wishes were not generate light a cigarette .

A person can self-hypnotize but obviously is not easy to reach a state of complete relaxation while focusing on our problem. Therefore, it is best to do this treatment with a hypnotherapist to guide us in therapy for smoking cessation . And as regards the number of sessions depends on the habit of smoking and type of treatment carried out: in some cases just a single session, others may last three or more.

Several studies have shown that hypnosis is an effective mechanism to stop smoking , because success rates are about 70%. The fact of finding a solution to addiction from our subconscious actually helps to eliminate the need or urge to smoke in smokers.