How to Remove Warts

Remove Warts

Warts caused by viruses in the body. This virus may be various types and like most viruses are highly contagious. Some warts disappear by itself over time but must treat all cases as if we expect them to leave can be dangerous and can spread tends to spread.

For how to remove warts must say that not all treatment for warts is the same as not all warts are the same. Some are very aggressive and vicious and require surgery to remove it. But luckily most types of warts are easily treated, but should not be taken lightly because in some cases can cause complications.

These are some natural recipes for warts.

This fig-effective way to remove warts. For this, we extract the milk from the fig and apply it directly on the wart, cover with a bandage over eight hours and repeat the operation every day until gone. We use fresh figs for each wart.

We can prepare an ointment with baking soda and castor oil, also known as castor oil. We filled a half cup of castor oil and add the baking until you have a soft consistency. Apply on wart and cover it with gauze twice daily.

Another homemade recipe for warts is made with pure vitamin C tablets. Vitamin C tablets and effervescent not serve us. Crush the pill and we miss mineral water. We apply a few drops on the wart, taking care not to touch other areas of the skin because it may stain. We repeated the operation two or three times a day.