How to Prevent Snoring?


There are pillows for the nose strips and other products that promise to eliminate snoring, but today there is a new device that prevents blockage of the airways that during the night to sleep better and stop snoring once and for all.

The device is called ‘Dormouse’, boasts a 90% effective, unlike other similar devices that offer 50% efficiency, “and is indicated for patients with moderate to severe apnea.

Its mechanism-reversible and non-invasive-jaw forward to prevent the tongue falling back, which is precisely the main cause of snoring. Thus left open the airway during sleep.

The biggest advantage of this apparatus is that the prostheses are worked individually for each patient, ie, are tailored to each mouth, which means greater convenience for those using the Dormouse, says the developer of the device, the Spanish dentist, Pedro Mayoral.

Although the expert says that this new system is a good tool for doctors who treat such sleep disorders, before seeking treatment, those who snore should take some preventive measures that can help reduce or prevent snoring, care as are diet, eat heavily and do not always two hours before bedtime, sleeping in a room without light and noise, and avoid becoming overweight.