How To Know Ultrasonography?

USG is an abbreviation of the ultrasound. That is a device that uses high frequency sound waves emitted by a tracker (called a transducer) on an organ being examined.
Technological progress makes the scan time is much better. If the first image produced rough. But with new technology called 3 Dimensional Ultrasound, view pictures more clearly and be colored. In addition, this tool allows us to get a clearer picture about various matters relating to the condition of the fetus at any stage of development. Because this tool allows to view the fetal organs from various angles. Unfortunately this tool is not expensive considering all the hospitals can have it. For information, ultrasound works by using ultrasonic waves as the principle works. Ultrasound has a frequency of sound waves above 20 kHz (20. 000 waves per second). As a comparison, the sound waves can we hear everyday is 20-20000 Hz. For diagnostic purposes requires sound source with a frequency of 1-20 MHz. “Yet that is used in general is 3.5 MHz, 5 MHz, and 7.5 MHz.” The use of 3.5 MHz or more to ultrasound perabdominal and 5 MHz or more for a vaginal ultrasound.