How to Combat The Unpleasant Symptoms of PMS?


Most of the women have had, if not steadily, at least once. Nuisance are several, among them: the classic abdominal pain, bloating, headache, breast tenderness, irritability, hypersensitivity, difficulty concentrating, sudden emotional changes, among others, the worst thing is that it complicates significantly the quality of life those who suffer.

Some women come to her gynecologist and the doctor are controlled, but many others have tried everything and do not come near a solution, what few know is that diet and habits affect or may even cause those symptoms.

If you want to solve the problems these tips can help you avoid such a painful day:

* Avoid alcohol, at least days before your period, also caffeine, energy drinks, excessive salt and sugar. Try to eat vegetables high in iron and fiber such as broccoli, spinach or chard. Find fruits like apples, grapes, citrus and try to change your morning coffee for tea of ​​chamomile or anise, which serve as inflammations and relaxing. Carrot juice also helps.

* If the colic is strong place an electric blanket or hot water bottle to go away and take sitz baths can be with chamomile or calendula, steam helps relax the area and you will feel more relaxed breathing.

* If you notice bloating is that you are retaining water, low salt intake or delete it a few days. One option for these days is to eat steamed vegetables, are rich and help you reduce the belly. Grains also help you avoid problems.

* Avoid sausages, fried or frozen foods as they do is enhance the negative effect of estrogen. Also to help the body can consume plant china ‘doing quai’, which helps prevent these problems.

* Make the previous exercise, yoga, cycling, swimming or simply walking, the goal is to slowly go to work with your body to prevent uncomfortable symptoms.