How to Avoid Bad Eating on Airplanes?


I felt obliged to write this article shortly after I brought my Happy Meal on the plane. I have breakfast, and there are still a good 80 minutes to try some food.

Are you a young woman, maybe you can identify me. Chances are that most of the time travel in economy class, and lately, thanks to new flight regulations, we can pay lower rates on most airlines worldwide. However, this good news comes with bad news: the snacks offered in economy class are increasingly worse.

What can someone like you who are worried about their health and welfare, but they are starving and they put forward a box full of unhealthy things possible “unhealthy, but tasty, sure, far scent greasers fried, processed carbohydrates your point and not try these cookies since you were in high school?

Since food at airports is expensive, and probably cheap as or worse than the refreshment of the air, here is a great start: Take your own picnic lunch.

Of course, I know you’ll say “I’ve been too much baggage, however, here are some ideas of things light, easy to carry and eat that will not take up more room than a glove.

Can you accept a drink offered on the plane: coffee or hot tea. A glass of juice small box will not make you wrong. Add to that a homemade sandwich.

Bread can be integral in rolls or marraqueta (French bread), these crusty breads are more convenient to transport and eat in situations such as a flight because it is not soaked or crumble easily. You can add cheese, lettuce, black cabbage and avocado with some lemon drops.

Lunch and dinner:
You can choose a small bowl or a sandwich again. In the case of the sandwich, this should include some meat. You can use shredded chicken with celery sticks, pineapple, yogurt and mayonnaise, as well as lettuce and cabbage, or cabbage. For dessert, a fruit such as apple or pear will be very easy to eat in your seat.

If you prefer to keep a small container, choose the following: ground turkey breast, a salad of tomatoes, peppers and chopped olives with a squeeze of lemon and a small potato baked or grilled golden, cut into small pieces. You can add grated cheese to the set.

As for the container, you can purchase a recycling container or a ziploc plastic containers that you get in supermarkets, so you can leave it on the plane. You can take a fork type plastic fork or a plastic spoon in your hand luggage on international flights yet.

Enjoy! This will be very useful, especially if you study or work to travel constantly.