How To Against Influenza

InfluenzaImproved measures against influenza Is something happening that has many people worried and even angry. This is the pandemic of swine flu, on which is warned all nations.

SOSDOM considers the reactions of the various local communities (ranging from simple indifference to mockery, through active resistance to measures of isolation and inactivity) have a logical character somewhat cautious in the way they have unfolded the autoriades global health and local. The way he has acted as originated by an interest in causing panic rather than caution.

In our view, the warnings are lying in extremely protected from contact with sick and have inexplicably ignored measures that may be implemented even before they touch the ground any disease. Among these are included the useful to achieve better organic defense, as is the consumption of citrus fruits and certain types of salad vegetables such as tomatoes. Similarly, consumption of fluids in sufficient quantity for the body to maintain good urine output, which significantly helps to get rid of foreign elements that have failed to reach our blood.

We can also include those useful measures in a balanced diet, avoiding very heavy consumption of fatty foods, which become heavy the blood circulation. In addition, regular physical exercises, which enable better working demo of cardiopulmonary parato, so the lungs can escape more fácilmete of small foreign bodies.

The ventilation of the rooms in the home is a helpful measure to reduce possibilities of contamination the home environment, withthe that contagion is less likely. This measure is necessary to sum to isolate the patients reported in the family, leaving them to sleep alone in a room.

The consumption of certain foods in particular and often enough I could even roll back to allow developing an infection. Thus, the consumption of raw onions and eating plenty of lemon tart, pure or diluted in water, so acceptable to help those who have symptoms of infectious disease, such as malaise, muscle aches, fevers and Sudden loss of appetite.

We believe that measures such as those recommended above may end up giving more support to diverse populations, especially because they are very reliable when events occur as currently presented in the Dominican Republic, for which he was a foreign unamujer influenza diagnostic such precisely when he had just left Dominican territory. If the warnings about the body’s defenses being put hubiran state sistemûticamente implemented by the population at risk (especially the east of the country), the alarm and the operation would have been epidemiological mounted not only more effective but also less dramatic and less exposed contradictory measures.