How The Processing Of Organic Waste?

Requires building without walls, the roof can be of plastic sheeting, strip the leaves, plastic wave, roof tiles and so forth depending on funds available. The floor can be soil, cement or paving blocks. We could call it the “Home Composting“.

For container composting household organic waste can be made tub or box of bamboo, wood, paving blocks, bricks and so forth. To be able to store heat, the box must have a minimum volume of 500 L or has a length of 75 cm, width 75 cm and height of 1 m. One side should be opened, to release dough if the compost once a week behind. Number of boxes depending on the amount of waste that will be managed.

It is important that the place is clean and odorless composting rotten, trash entering only organic waste only. Citizens have to sort out the trash in their own homes (comply with the Waste Management Act).

In front of the house there should be no trash, but provided two garbage containers for organic and inorganic waste. Officers took waste transporter with a given insulation wheelie bin. Derived organic garbage at Home Composting.

Furthermore, the organic waste was counted manually or by machine count. If using a machine count, so that trash does not remove the water and to add the element carbon, the powder is mixed in advance of sawn timber. If counting manually, sawdust mixed before entering the composting container. Activator used is an unfinished compost to proceed so that microbe is still active.