How The Body Works Like a Machine

Every human being has a right to autonomy against the body. Including, each patient has the right to health. However, not so in the practice of medicine today. The process of treatment that goes against the patient more as a mechanization. Like the human body just as the engine.

Dr. Shot Yen Tan felt sad with the relationship between doctors and patients and how patients looked at the health body. Often he found hypertensive patients should be examined for decades. Similarly, a patient with diabetes who are treated for 30 years. “Did the doctor say? This hereditary disease. Therefore, medication should be continued and routine control. The doctor never explained why. Meanwhile, the patient was never asked why I got hypertension,” said Tan.

Practice that lasted for years. Tan wanted to break that circle. How, with out of the world. Leaving his medical profession for 17 years. He served as an observer. In fact, he set out to take the S-2 study philosophy at the University of Driyarkara to explore the true medical science. Meanwhile, he continued to analyze the practice of medicine in Indonesia. He also concluded all his observations in his thesis while earning a Master degree in philosophy. Then, the thesis that he made the book. Through the book, he spread a lot of mistakes that occurred in the practice of medicine in Indonesia.