Healthy Snacks to Avoid Breaking Your Diet


If I mention the word snack , probably think of pop corn, chips, fried peanuts and get all those products in the warehouses and kiosks and trick the stomach. However, these can be a real threat to your diet to stay fit. Here we pass a list of alternative snacks that do not bereave gustito give you that, without harming your figure.

Who has not eaten a snack when we returned hungry between meals . And this is not a sin. Nibble before lunch or late afternoon is a pleasure. At least I do, and if I’m at work in the office, spending much energy that I must recover until the lunch.

However, inadvertently, many of us eat what is within our reach. For example, if you’re at work, went out to buy the bags of potato chips , corn chips, popcorn or cheese balls, which are certainly delicious, but, when watching the figure, and, worse, if you following a diet , no doubt these snacks are time bombs that will only increase those rolls so much hate.

This is because we finally going on a diet is to eat vegetables and say goodbye pure pleasure of eating. Utterly false, unless we have operated something. You can enjoy meals between meals-and-long as we choose to eat.

According to nutritionist Sara Abu – Sabbah the amount of calories in a snack should equal 10 and 15% of total calories (2000 kcal per day), ie 200 or 300.

But for those like you and me, we do not have time to develop a food between meals, I can say is that we must organize and dedicate ourselves (eg, a day before) to prepare healthy snacks. Because it’s true, yes there are healthy snacks, which may require more of our time to make, but think of the results, not one ounce more on your balance when you fishes.

Here I pass some snack ideas you can take to the office or eat at home, which are very nutritious and healthy, yes, do not abuse the quantities.

  • Sandwiches . Always delicious at all times. Use bread or pita and vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce. Put chicken, cheese, boiled ham or turkey, or ignores the pan and insert meat on sticks and get some tasty kebabs.
  • Fruit . If you feel bored chewing an apple or peeling a banana, make a salad or stewed. Do not throw sugar and drizzle yogurt and bran diet.
  • Olives . There are a variety of stuffed olives in the market. They are delicious and ideal as snacks. Choose the one you like.
  • Gelatin . Can be of different flavors or just one. Served with fruit will be even better.
  • Boiled egg . Provides plenty of protein. Add a dash of cream or chili huancaína home to fit you even better.
  • Salad . Combine diced ham with lettuce, tomato or vegetable you please, be regional.

So, you know, think about it twice before shopping at the store these greasy snacks and choose healthier options and delicious. Your body will thank you figure. It is so pleasant to work with experts. Learn more to find out more regarding muscle stimulator.