Healthy Pregnancy Supplements and Vitamins


One of the crucial moments in the life of every woman’s pregnancy , not only by the great importance of this stage in the couple claim, but also by the impact and satisfaction that brings family and friends.

But it is not easy to cope, physically the body will suffer heavy wear , they will be used all the reservations you may have in your body, reserves have been accumulated for years.

Therefore, your diet is not something that you should put in the background but just the opposite. What you eat not only going to cover the wear , but you will need to feed your baby when you have these in your arms.

Eating for two
When a woman is pregnant, is said to be eating for two, but that is not eating anything but healthy as possible.

Remember (and you do not know now you have) you should go from 10 to 12 kilos during your pregnancy, if you exceed this weight you must make a series of tests to rule out any risk to the baby or yourself.

Should also consume the necessary supplements to protect your bones and help build the fetal and placental tissue that will house the new being.

Ideally, this period is consuming vitamins C, D and E and folic acid, calcium and iron. This will help prevent the softening of your bones and anemia and liver problems because of certain deficiencies.

In the market you will find a wide variety of dietary supplements if consultation with your physician and your gynecologist, you may be prescribed. However, the basis of all your health and reserves are in the foods you eat every day, and without spending more.

A vitamin B complex is considered an essential nutrient folic acid, essential to say that human beings can not survive without synthesize.

It is important to consume more to help the baby in the first stage of training, at least you have to consume between 3 and 6 months before pregnancy, and always under medical supervision.

Taking folic acid prevents birth defects such as anencephaly, myelomeningocele and the most common, spina bifida , a birth defect of the spine.

This is also discarded by the first ultrasound. Do not worry if you do not recommend this supplement for folic acid is a vitamin that you will find in lentils, broccoli, nuts, spinach, beans and more. So you just have to eat healthy because our body is able to use the vitamins we need.

Vitamins D and E will find them in meat, vegetables and egg. All variants of milk, butter, cheese or yogurt.
Do not forget that vitamin C acts in the body as a carrier of oxygen and hydrogen, but also involved in the uptake of certain amino acids, folic acid and iron.

During pregnancy it is very important iron intake , since a large part of that amount is used by the mother to increase the amount of blood in 50% and the rest of iron is used by the fetus and placenta to their development.

It is very easy for a woman at this stage fall into an anemic box , so if you come to medicate with the iron tablets should be consumed with a glass of orange juice to your body can assimilate.