Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

This lifestyle fast helps the body build a high stress level. Various relaxation techniques, practice well, we will provide great benefits.

Relaxation is the best way we can release the stress we endure every day. Given that any changes in your emotional state is accompanied by changes in the state of the body in times of stress is very important to relax.

In this way we can learn to perform a dominance and control our functions and responses.

Relaxation of the brain produces the same physiological effects on sleep. So both relaxation can recharge your battery in the same way when you sleep.

Learn to breathe

To achieve this goal there are relaxation techniques that can help to constant practice. These techniques include exercises, breathing and muscle relaxation.

Quiet Learning

Get used to inspire a deep breath when it detects the tension a little. Breathe through your nose, slowly, deeply, so as to achieve the lower abdomen. Then exhale via the mouth, and feel out the tension in each puff.

With this breathing exercise done unconsciously. You will be able to calm down any time, anywhere. Good breathing helps you relax better, because the stresses and strains of everyday life make us speed up breathing.

Learn to relax

Sometimes the conditions for practicing relaxation may not be appropriate. In that case, the ideal is to sit in a quiet room with eyes closed, sound, lights dimmed, feet flat on the floor, legs slightly apart and your elbows at the waist.
However, an ideal position to relax is by lying on your back with arms outstretched over the body and legs slightly apart.

Holding this position, concentrating on the breath, mentally repeat “I’m calm / a” and to view each body part from head to toe.

Tense at the same time several groups of muscles for a few seconds (arm, neck, abdomen, legs, etc.) Dan. Then relax them. It’s for stress relaxation exercise.

This is accomplished by eliminating the overall state of tension that prevents us to prosper, the muscle tension of consciousness obtained under our body, which in many cases is not known.

Profit for the year

The practice of some forms of exercise also helps to eliminate muscle tension, improve heart function, reduce fatigue caused by stress and clears the way for the practice of relaxation.

It is difficult to achieve good results from the first time since the relaxation requires regular and systematic training and a positive attitude by one.