Healthy Eating (I)

healthy eating

Health through food is one of the challenges of society in general and of each individual.
Food is food intake in order to get them the nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. Part of nutrition.

It is an automatic process and also a voluntary act that is influenced by various types of factors that determine a good or bad nutrition.

Food has to be customized in terms of age, work and living area where, among other determinants.

How does the health food?

Today we know for a fact that certain illnesses and disorders related to imbalances in power, either in excess (obesity, stress, high cholesterol …) or deficit (lack of vitamins or minerals, etc.). . Therefore, not only to eat eat to live or to satisfy hunger, is much more complex and influenced by numerous factors, environmental (customs and culture of the place we live, fashion and media, family environment …) and other personal as sex, age, preferences, religion, level of activity (sedentary, light, moderate), mood and health (diseases or health problems). Therefore, it is considered that a diet is adequate if it is indeed capable of meeting the needs of the body, according to personal characteristics, in order to achieve or maintain good nutrition and health.

Keys to Good Nutrition

Should we be surprised that our children do not give up in the morning and significantly lower educational achievement, something quite normal if you consider that your breakfasts are often scarce. This is perhaps the first large feed errors: the first meal of the day that barely comes close to 10% of the day, when under normal conditions should include, at minimum, between 20% and 25% of the same.

Start your day

Effective breakfast should consist of milk, cereal, bread or toast normal, some juice and some sausage. Under these conditions, we are ensuring adequate nutrition for the first part of the day, after the “vacuum” which provide the night. This habit, especially for younger people, is fundamental.

Second, it must be emphasized that throughout the day, both adults and younger children, eat many more calories than you need, why the excess calories are accumulated under the skin, around our bodies, in the form of fat. This hinders the normal activity of our body and little by little, it shows over the years.