Health and Happiness


The more we can influence the course of our lives, we will be happier and Self-discipline becomes the key out of many mental habits, unpleasant, that make us feel bad, it is really easy to deduce that one is practical life becomes easier.

If you set the alarm clock to get up our morning, we make the process easier, our brain assimilates it immediately.

Thus most of the time we choose something that is right for us, the easier it makes the next time you use it and when we practice this power, the more power we have, so the more we believe in our own power to make decisions and influence in the course of our lives, the happier we are.

A simple example would be, if we make games of juggling, we must apply a lot of will, since it is a skill that has to learn, that is something that is not born with us and only print the daily practice in our ability to brain circuits will be developed.

To achieve self discipline in what we want to learn or incorporate here are some tips:

• Avoid distractions and triggers: for example if you eat too much, avoid buying food, if they see too much television, do not sit in your favorite chair and move the TV into another room, if you are trying to work on the computer, is good idea to shut down the web browser and email, not to consume our time and thus have greater efficiency in our work.

• Do not attempt any action unless it is ready. All times timid attempts being made and then abandoned as they fail, they are eroded confidence in yourself. So do not try something, fail to be sufficiently prepared to complete it.

• Do not obsess and distracted. Our brains are built so we can not force us to not think about something, especially a concern or a temptation, therefore the solution is trying to dominate or simply think about something else. Make a list of enjoyable activities that can serve as distractions, eg talking with a friend, a walk, a cup of tea, music and dancing.