Garlic For Remedy Influenza

GarlicGarlic can be helpful in preventing a cold. The good news is there are some promising studies support the claim.

For example, a study conducted in 2001 double blind study found that healthy adults who took garlic supplements daily were less likely to get a cold and recovered faster when they became ill.

Clearly further research is needed to complete the verification but the Times came to this conclusion: “The research is limited, but suggests that garlic may actually help prevent colds.

It has the ability to maintain strong immune system, lower cholesterol, reduce risk of cancer, keep blood pressure low and cure yeast infections or yeast.

Garlic is rich in salicylic acid, whose properties stand in relation to blood thinning, which promotes blood circulation, regulating blood pressure, therefore, represents an ally in the fight against hypertension.

In natural medicine has been used as a natural antibiotic that acts par excellence and efficiently prevent infection by germs, viruses or fungi.

In Chinese medicine is widely used, particularly for respiratory conditions, by their condition that favors stimulation spicy lung, mobilizing phlegm and also removed the infections, this medicine for any illness associated with the lungs, belongs to the metal element.