For Healthy Shoes: MBT and Vibram 5

The shoes not only are the main complement our dress. But they have also become central to the protection of health, starting, for example, by the fact that care for the skin from contact with the soil and prevent acquire colds, infections or other heavy evil consequences, especially in this time of year in which diseases are skin-deep.

Just as there are different types of anatomy, there are different types of shoes that we feel better. This is not to say that we should pay more attention to aesthetics. On the contrary, we put over the “wave fashionista” all that means a better quality of life, and that account from our feet. But just imagine how often to use heeled shoes our hips and kidneys if it can cure.

MBT and Vibram 5

Of course not forbidden to wear heels or anything, but we measure the frequency and time of use, trying to get most of the time other footwear beneficial to our suffering little feet. Therefore I present two types of shoes can be very helpful in achieving our goals of physical and why not, emotional (since the relaxation transmitted in each step).

The first of these is it called MBT shoes. Also known as the anti-shoe, this has a flat sole that helps maintain a balance and, in turn, exercise more, almost without noticing, as if we were walking along the beach. In this way helps to correct knee problems, back and neck, while toning the buttocks and legs.

MBT and Vibram 5

Meanwhile, a second type of footwear they have called 5 or Vibram Five Fingers (FiveFingers in English). As you can imagine from the name, its shape is ike a sock and contributes greatly to these are kept separate for better distribution of body weight.