Family Nutritions

family nutrition

5 a day. There are many programs called 5 a day in almost all countries. They are eating 5 servings of fruits and / or vegetables a day. You can put it in salads, cooked vegetables or fruits. 5 servings per person. If your family does not eat any vegetable starts with one per day and increases the gradually until reaching 5.

Carnivores. Try to vary the diet if meat eaters always used various types of meat and prefers cooked lean meats and low fat. Fish is a food delicious, versatile and easy. Another alternative is to use soy meat ground beef mixed with 50% each. If soy meat condiments even use it one your family will not notice and you’re avoiding cholesterol and of course is cheaper.

Balanced meals. Try to include all food groups and avoid abuse of the carbs. If there is no need for rice bread, if there are potatoes (potatoes) there cassava. The only group that can be eaten more than one serving is not starchy vegetables such as lettuce or spinach.

Avoid unnecessary fats. It decreases the amount of oil you use for cooking, avoid commercial mayonnaise and salad dressings.

A good breakfast. Breakfast should be fit for a king and never escaped. If breakfast is not eating junk food is completed in mid-morning or lunch great. Breakfast should be nutritious eating eggs is better than a sugar filled cereal. If you need the whole oats cereal is a good choice.

Triumph. Try to learn about nutrition and make changes little by little you will see that the results are surprising. Healthy diets should not feel like dieting, should be implemented gradually so that the whole family gets used and becomes a lifestyle.