Family and Exercise

swimming pool

How important is the support of the family in physical exercise in adolescents? Recent studies claim that it is quite important that families support their children in physical exercise. However, it is so important for families to simultaneously carry out physical exercise with their children as contributing to these hooked to the sport (through the continued payment of club dues, transportation to the fitness center, swimming pool ….) .

It is therefore important that in families there is a culture of physical exercise as well as children (a true reflection of what they see at home) will continue conducting the exercise behavior of leading a healthier life.

But how can you create a habit of physical exercise in families? There are plenty of general information campaigns (TV ads …) that bombard us on the benefits of physical exercise to prevent obesity and risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, these are not very effective because they are not very targeted to specific audiences. Recent policy measures if they approved the construction of parks with facilities for doing exercise. We can see many different people and physical exercise both beaches, urban parks.

This may be a good solution to sedentary as practitioners find alternative forms of outdoor sports than go to the gym or sports facility.

Have also recently introduced new technologies, such as video games that invite actively making exercise by the player thus replacing the old game in which sedentary behavior was paramount player.

Although there is increasing physical exercise in all age groups still have much work to do and that rates of obesity of the population still remain quite high.

This is also due to eating disorders that cause them to be losing the Mediterranean diet and you opt for fast food. It is therefore important both the combination of a healthy diet and daily practice of physical exercise.