Facial Gymnastics to Improve Wrinkles

FacialFacial gymnastics can help you to reduce wrinkles, is not limited to physical exercise to the body. There are also fitness facial for your face. If the exercise you strengthen your abs your calves, your arms or legs. With facial gymnastics strengthen the muscles of your face and neck and achieve many benefits.

Want to improve the appearance of your skin?, “Reduce wrinkles and prevent leaving more? Want to look younger without surgery?. So you’re interested in facial gymnastics. The facial gymnastics exercises are techniques designed to preserve the integrity of your face.

Practicing these exercises regularly will improve the status of your wrinkles, your facial muscles will be strengthened thereby prevents future skin des hangings. Dedicating 10 minutes a day you began to feel its effects soon. If you also care for your skin with appropriate products, eating a balanced diet, you’ll notice removing make-up every night like the look of your skin improves.

* Warming: it is to massage the entire edge of the ears, with the lobes used for this including the index finger and thumb.

* Eyes to prevent bags and dark circles, try to close the eyes with the lower lid without moving the top and without a frown. Up and down the lower eyelid 15 times, slowly. At the last count to 15 with the lid up and relax afterwards.

* The Front, to limit damage to frown, place your fingertips on the eyebrow, covering them completely. Pressing inward and down without stretching the skin. Try to go up and lower the eyebrows while the subject with this pressure: 10 times up and relax while pressing with your fingers in no time.

* The lips, to remove wrinkles of the “barcode” and get more volume labial.Con hands in fist place the thumbs on the mouth, hands facing the encía.Los fingers should be between the upper lip and encía.Presiona with the lips to the fingers and vice versa .. s 15 and hold pressure and relaxations in the last 15 seconds before relaxing.

The jowls and double chin, a good exercise to prevent sagging in that area is: With your shoulders relaxed downward, his chin lifted slightly and place your fingers on the jaw muscles (masseter). Move the lower jaw all you can forward. It has 7 seconds and relax. Repeat 4 more times.