Exercises to Strengthen Knees


Having weak knees does not mean that we are unable to exercise daily. In fact, every day to walk and move us to perform basic exercises that help burn some calories and strengthens us to some extent the muscles.

However, if you feel so much pain in your joints, it is advisable to perform certain exercises in perspective, and applied specifically, we strengthen the knees in every way.

For chiropractors, the best way to cure a knee is sensitive to base a lot of exercise, which should be applied from low to high intensity as pain or sensitivity to fade away. Moreover, the practice regularly, even when healthy, you can prevent future damage.

Strengthening exercises
Like any exercise, it requires a warm up for further abuse no muscles and knees. This requires making low-impact aerobic exercises like walking or pedaling a stationary bike for five minutes.

After activating the movement requires some stretching to prepare, sit in a chair and spreads her legs touching the ground with the heel. Then tighten the thigh for 10 seconds and relax three, do 10 repetitions.

Exercise 1
We must elevate the legs and for this there are two exercises. The first requires sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Here stands one of the legs to achieve sustain in a straight line to the other leg and hold it there for 6 seconds and switch legs.

The other requires no chair, just lie on a mat on your back and bend your legs setting foot on the floor, ensures that the knees are at an angle of 90 degrees with the feet.

Then slowly lift your right leg until straight and left knee height, count to three and repeated 10 times at most. Then repeat with other leg.

Exercise 2
Bend your knees in this exercise strengthens the hamstrings. To do this between your legs slightly to the hips, stand with your back straight, hands at waist bend your knees until your thighs are in line with the hips.
To get this right, avoids taking the tailbone and supports your weight on your heels. Stay there for 6 seconds and relax, you can repeat it three times.

Before you head to perform any of these exercises, it is good to visit a doctor who certifies that if these conditions or not further damage them to avoid you if your knees are very sore.