Excessive Consumption Of Drugs Cause Liver Damage

Any complaints, such as fever, headache, cough and more you will consume one drug even more, to reduce these complaints, if you include one of them, be careful the next few years you may just be starting to feel the effect because all too often take the drug – drugs.
In recent years the number of patients with liver disorders tend to tend to increase, especially the children and the elderly. after traces found excessive use of drugs is a provocation. Right now the kids even babies must take the drug for long periods, such as TB drugs and parents who have Diabetes drugs. The children were in the age of growth, all organs involved in metabolic functions are not perfect, while the parent function of organs has decreased, in drug metabolism play an important organ is the liver and kidneys.
Liver is the organ most important role in neutralizing toxins in our bodies, when our hearts are broken can not function properly, we can imagine how many toxins that our body will circulate, while the kidney which has a primary function as the remnants of expenses and keep your metabolism fluid and electrolyte balance through the urine, many people do not realize that to keep the kidneys become unhealthy and even kidney failure, if not treated, kidney disease can cause complications, especially in relation to the heart. Based on research, drugs with anti peritik effects of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic drugs, slimming and anfetamin drug can lead to interference with the liver and kidneys. Consumption of supplements and herbal medicine that works should be avoided because we do not know the contents or what it implies? Could have been mixed with chemical drugs that have the risk of kidney damage. Most drugs have properties not dissolve in water so that should be processed in the liver to dissolve in water so it is easy to dispose of the body through the kidneys in the form of urine.
Gar our hearts and kidneys continue to function properly, prevention can be done by adopting a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the use of tobacco products, and drink alcohol, limit caffeine consumption. Water consumption in the appropriate levels and foremost because often we do not realize the effect is cautious use of drugs, lots of branded and generic drugs that circulate in the market, people should have a good understanding of the diseases they suffered, and the jelly in choosing proper handling.