Effect of The Use of X-Ray

Broken bones, severe injuries on the head, coronary artery blockage is a condition that can be made to be viewed through the X-ray and there is no doubt at all because the appearance is very useful when used properly.

On the other hand taking pictures with the X-ray can cause cancer. Therefore the patient was advised to ask for the critical things about the X-ray prior to treatment using X-ray

X-ray radiation produces ions which also occurs naturally. Effective dose received by humans that can be measured by the size millisiverts, the unit of measure of radiation.

The average number of normal X-ray exposure is 2.1 millisievert per year, said by the Institute of Radiation Protection in Salzgitter, Germany.
If an X-ray exposure patient of 0.03 to 0.1 milliesievert, then it does not mean that the patient received X-ray light levels
Any exposure to X-ray radiation and means there is no restriction where the damage can be avoided.