Drink Pomegranate Juice to “Blow Up the Fire”

Everyone knows the grenadine, the syrup red, very sweet that children particularly enjoy.
But here, I’ll tell you about the pomegranate juice that possess exceptional virtues.

The pomegranate is a fruit exotic red (native to India and cultivated mainly in the Mediterranean), which contains small seeds filled with tasty juices. Although this is not practical, it’s pretty fun to eat because the seeds crunched between the teeth. To consume more easily and more pomegranate juice are now available.

Traditional medicine has long been used to relieve diarrhea and colic.
Pomegranate juice is on sale everywhere, especially in bio-rays. Researchers have indeed realized that the juice leaves a legacy of great interest to our health.
It contains anti-oxidants, especially tannins, which can slow down aging and prevent cardiovascular disease. This is also the fruit that contains the most. It would be an asset more powerful than green tea, rich in antioxidants with the tannin in it as well.
It would also be effective in delaying the development of cancer cells (especially for prostate cancer), reduce hypertension and in the case of Alzheimer’s. But here, as with regard to cancer and other serious diseases, it is necessary to take precautions. Scientific studies are not numerous enough to draw conclusions compelling. In any case, drinking pomegranate juice regularly, even if you do not heal, you will make a lot of good.
It would also be beneficial for the relief of osteoarthritis. It would limit the adverse effect of diabetes on the arteries, despite its high sugar content.

Pomegranate juice contains vitamins B5, B6 and C, which can give you a boost (better than Red Bull and especially non-toxic) and protect your immune system. It also contains copper and potassium is also beneficial to your immune system.

It is best to consume the juice rather than as the result by pressing the fruit as a whole, all the antioxidants in the seeds and white skin are removed. Pomegranate juice is steep, nearly 7 euros per liter.
You can make your juice yourself, from the seeds of the fruit or vegetable juice in a stainless or by rubbing through a sieve.
For the effects of pomegranate juice occur, you should consume daily, the equivalent of a cup. It is best to take the bio.

Pomegranate juice is the juice became popular. The United States experienced in 2007 a buying frenzy, as to be out of stock. The phenomenon has reached France, which seems fully justified given the benefits of this juice on health. It’s not for nothing if the “fruit of the gods” for the Egyptians.