Dr. Spyros Panos Respected Individual

Dr. Spyros Panos is a 1993 graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine located in Bronx, NY, and a specialist in orthopedic surgery with or special interests in reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery, and sports medicine and works to replace necessary body parts using medical instruments approved by the FDA. Joint reconstruction is the treatment of bone and joint problems that may people in the world face. Trauma surgery is a specialty relating to the surgery of physical injuries that may seem hard to repair and that cause the patient severe discomfort. Sports medicine is managing and treating a variety of injuries including sprains, strains and bone damage. Many athletes suffer from these types of injuries. He is certificated by American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons since 2002. He is currently practicing at Hopewell Junction and Poughkeepsie.

As a student, he was graduated with honors in Biology as Summa Cum Laude of College of New York City In 1989. His prestige continued at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree. In addition to numerous awards and academic excellence honors. He was also elected into the medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha. Between 1993 and 1994, Dr. Panos achieved General Surgery Intern of the Year and the Academic Competition Award at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Shortly after completing his residency, he received certification by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Panos has established an admirable reputation in the industry with important positions in Philadelphia’s Human Performance and Sports Medicine Center of Graduates. His has been successful in aiding patients suffering long term from malfunctioning hips, backs, spinal cords, knees, and other medical conditions. In a nutshell, Dr. Panos is most revered as a surgeon with the capability to replace or fix whatever is broken in the human body. As is demonstrated by his portfolio, his work has gone above and beyond in the medical field. His credentials within the community of Philadelphia go unquestioned after multiple successful operations.

Dr. Panos has recently focused his efforts towards cervical disk replacements. Now patients complaining of problems concerning their lumbar vertebrae can move forward in their lives, thanks to the discoveries of Dr. Spyros Panos. Due to his dedication and effort, his method of installing artificial cervical disks in the spine and neck has also passed FDA approval. The replacements provide high quality support to the human body without the added sufferance of pain or damage. For medical improvements such as this, Dr. Panos’ patients will be eternally grateful.