Diet smart for the whole family

family diet

The ideal diet to lose weight or maintain weight must be correct which is even unintentionally. Losing weight without trying, without even thinking. It must also be easy to cook, healthy and cheap. You think it’s too much to ask?

Precisely this is what people want. These feeding programs are ideal for families, obesity is no longer just an adult problem is a problem for the entire family.

The good news is that it is possible and easy to follow a family diet and become a healthy family. We must make small changes in diet, these changes are made gradually so that the whole family can experience them without noticing. You can slim you and your family and eat healthy.

Goodbye Soda. For example: if it is soda during meals. You should know that soda has no nutritional benefit and you have many drawbacks: 12 ounces of soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar, high sodium content is a problem because it makes us retain water and is suspected of interfering with calcium absorption .

Eliminate soda suddenly is not easy but you can begin to replace natural juices like your family or skim milk. If you use soda Put lots of ice and do not put the bottle on the table, put water instead. If you have to stop to use but will give laziness. You are not buying as much soda at the supermarket if you run out just to drink water.