Detoxify Your Home


Toxins are everywhere, inside your house is no exception. While we have little control over air quality around us, we can reduce the amount of toxins we allow into our home. Here are some tips for you to reduce the potential harmful toxins inside your home.

Take your shoes off
The easiest and cheapest way to keep toxins out of your home is to remove your shoes before entering. With the land we bring in shoes are pollutants such as pesticides, cadmium and iron, among others. Take off your shoes could reduce exposure to pollutants by 65%.

Clean with plant-based products

For years the white vinegar has been a cleaner with multiple uses, but there are other coconut-based detergents Clorox Green Works, Shaklee’s Get Clean and Tibb’s Better Life to help you minimize the amount of chemicals in your home.

Steam clean floors
Instead of scrubbing the floors with harsh detergents, try to use steam to remove dirt and marks with a mop as Bissell Steam Mop Deluxe requires only water. These mops are free of chemicals, pro-environment and are designed to clean and disinfect floors in ceramic, porcelain, wood and vinyl.

Choose water-based paints
As detergents, paint and coatings emit chemical gases. Alcohol and ether which contains most can contribute to respiratory problems, nausea, headaches and skin irritation. Find paintings with natural ingredients such as water, mineral and plant oils.

Wash clothes with soaps or herbal salt
Consider salt detergent components such as Borax or baking soda. One option you can buy at the store is Seventh Generation, a liquid detergent.

Buy a water filter certified
Tap water may contain harmful levels of metals, bacteria, viruses and cancer-causing chemicals. Find a water filter certified by National Sanitation Foundation or American National Standards. Try Brita UltraMax Dispenser.

Discard home fragrances
The smell of candles and oils for the home are made from petroleum-based synthetic products and may contain irritants and carcinogens. If you want a pleasant fragrance in your home, boil some water and add a natural product like lemon or orange peel, cinnamon or pine needles. Do not rule out the windows open and enjoy the smell of nature as long as you or someone in your family does not suffer from seasonal allergies.