Dangerous Syringes

One of the problems of medicine in developing countries is often used with the frequency of injecting overdose. That is, who should have so many times, this is even more than that. This is tantamount to creating a new problem: an injury to body or infection in the blood. Each syringe for any kind will experience physical changes after use to inject, which is due to mechanical interaction between the metal with the body in addition to possible conflict with other solid objects. Not to mention the chemical reaction with substances such as blood, mucus, until the chalk.
Treatment with a syringe by persons who do not have the competence and authority to do so is clearly very dangerous. Not only traditional healers, medical personnel must meet stringent requirements to be allowed to give injections. If used repeatedly for many patients, the needle can transmit dangerous diseases such as hepatitis or HIV / AIDS.

Currently, the number of heroin addicts has been very distressing, Worse, most of them do not use new needles when injecting heroin. Half of them were exchanging syringes.