Common Factors Affecting Medical Errors According to Dan Bucsko

Patient safety is one of the biggest concerns in the healthcare industry. Vacaville, CA experts like Dan Bucsko believe that patients deserve to get all the medical care and medication they need in order for them to recover from their illness faster. And the safety of the patients is in the hands of doctors and nurses. However, majority of the medical accidents and mistakes in hospitals and healthcare facilities occur due to errors in judgment made by doctors and nurses. Some of these errors even put the lives of people at risk. While humans are bound to make mistakes, through patient safety and risk management, these risks are reduced greatly. This is what Daniel Buscko aims to do.

By identifying the underlying factors that cause medical errors, the ways to eliminate or avoid them are also addressed, which in turn, helps reduce medical errors. But what are the common causes of medical errors? Poor communication between doctors and nurses or other medical staff seems to be one of the main reasons. For instance, doctors may give out prescriptions and the nurse makes an error in the interpretation of data because of confusion. Considering the number of patients that doctors and nurses take care every day, they are bound to get confused and commit errors.

Another problem is the wrong use of medical tools and equipment. The medical field has come a long way in terms of medical technology and procedures. Old methods have been replaced with high-tech technology for increased efficiency and effectiveness in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. While the use of new technology in hospitals is beneficial for both patients and medical professionals, when the people operating them have not undergone proper training or do not understand the procedure, it may do more harm than good.

Committing errors in hospitals and healthcare facilities is something that medical professionals need to avoid at all costs no matter how busy they are. Errors in the medical field may lead to complications in the future and may also cost the lives of patients. These medical errors are what Dan Buscko and his team of insurance professionals at Napa, CA want to prevent. Daniel Buscko is an expert when it comes to patient safety and risk management. With his experience in the insurance industry and certification in healthcare administration, he has helped hospitals redesign their system to ensure safety and to ensure that patients get quality treatment that they deserve.