Central Maryland Oral Maxillofacial Surgery PA – More than a Clinic

Central Maryland Oral Maxillofacial Surgery PA is a popular clinic based in Columbia, Maryland. The clinic offers the people with full scope of maxillofacial and oral surgery procedures. The clinic has well experienced and professional dental experts. Whether you accept it or not, teeth plays an important role in your facial expression and according to this clinic in America about thirty million people have lost teeth completely in both jaws or at least in one jaw. The reason for this can be tooth decay or accident, but one can get rid tooth loss problem with the help of the dental implants. The dental implant procedure in this clinic is performed by the best professionals. In this process, basically replacement tooth is implanted and in order to hold that replacement tooth the titanium screw is placed into the bone of the jaws of an individual. The healing process of this procedure is generally six weeks.

Remember that tooth loss is a serious matter to consider and you should immediately look for medical assistance. This can also be the sign of aging, and if you want to restore your smile then you need to visit this clinic. Generally, people in the age of seventy four face this problem commonly. In this clinic, the experts explain that because of the incomplete teeth most of elderly people are suffering different types of illness. When they come to this clinic they go through several tests before they get any treatment. Depending on the tests and reports, the professional dentists will recommend dental implant procedure if necessary.

Other Procedures of the Clinic

There are several other treatment procedures that are held in Central Maryland Oral Maxillofacial Surgery PA for treating facial injuries or oral pathologies. Some of the procedures are:

  • Treatment for complex facial trauma
  • Nerve repair
  • Treatment for neck and head infections
  • TMJ surgery
  • Impacted wisdom teeth removal
  • Treatment for Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Treatment for Maxillofacial pathology

The main aim of this clinic is to provide the patients with the best treatment possible. The clinic has helped many people to give their best smiles with the help of their professional team of dental experts. They start their treatment by boosting the confidence level of an individual and they even restore the personal faith of the patient. In order to improve the emotional level of the patients, the clinic has also appointed some psychologists. They are well organized and this is another reason for their popularity and prosperity.