Cavitation as a Technique For Weight Loss

The technique of cavitation, which appeared recently among beauty treatments, is defined as the controlled generation and repeated vacuum micro-bubbles within a liquid, fluid or physiological material, followed by its own implosion.

Applied to areas where you want to lose weight, acts that break the fat cells and turns them into a liquid substance that is excreted through the lymphatic system and the urinary tract. Another benefit of this technique is that it reaffirms the muscles and shapes the body easily and in a few sessions.

Several techniques have been developed related to this system but used most beauty centers applies to an apparatus, completely painless, which generates two different frequency waves. These waves act by raising the temperature of the fat cells are destroyed by becoming the liquid substance is then removed.

This treatment is recommended to mix with drainage in the area to facilitate the removal of fat. If it is also accompanied by a diet the results can be visible in a short time.

The centers recommend performing between 6 and 12 sessions, each lasting about 35 minutes.

In recent years, a multitude of beauty salons that offer this system and others who are accompanied to achieve even better results.