Care For Your Feet

Care For Your Feet

Leg has a structure characterized by complex equipped with a large number of sweat glands, in larger quantities than in other regions of the body, making that require special care to maintain the integrity and contribute to their welfare.

Leg skin is not uniform. Fina in the forefoot and under the arch, and more thick and hard on the fingers and the parties which support the support.

Dry and damaged feet

Protected by a layer of skin hidrolipitica “consisting of sebum and sweat, which prevents evaporation. When this layer is not fast enough to protect our skin is dehydrated, dried and lost its softness. Skin defense mechanism which then causes inflammation and thickening of the skin desescamacion (hyperkeratosis) resulting in the outbreak of the skin surface (cracks, crevices, more or less in). crack is often the last term of untreated skin dryness.

Ignore the feet can cause one or more of the following states unpleasant odor, burning sensation, sore feet, …. tired and swollen


Feet require special care and attention, especially when warm weather comes. This is when they spend more time outdoors, because it has been closed for so long socks, shoes.

This single is very sensitive because it is full of nerve endings and blood vessels. In addition, the foot is heavy, so every day and require special care.

Some of the suggestions or recommendations to avoid some problems that can give your legs and improve health are:

1) Daily hygiene is essential, preferably using a mild soap and water is not too hot.

2) Dry your feet well after showering or bathing, especially between the toes.

3) Maintain compact leg bone with a diet that is rich in vitamin D.

4) Always wear correct footwear appropriate to the characteristics and style of walking.

5. After a bath or shower with foot cream.