Can I Purchase From A Cannabis Medical Dispensary?

Can you purchase from a cannabis medical dispensary? The answer to that question is dependent on several factors. If you do not possess a legal prescription, then the answer is a resounding, no. It is a common myth that a dispensary will sell cannabis on the side. This is simply not true, as there are laws that must indeed be followed in order to be able to legally sell marijuana for medical use.

If you have a prescription that comes from a legitimate doctor, and can be verified, then the answer is yes, you can purchase. Photocopied or altered prescriptions will not be accepted, and there is no sense in even attempting to fool the dispensary. The prescription will be verified via the phone, so attempting to present a false prescription will only result in a loss of time on your part, as well as that of the dispensary.

A legal and reliable Seattle cannabis medical dispensary can provide you with the medical cannabis you need so long as the rules a followed. Since the legalization for medical use is relatively new, the dispensing of these products is strictly monitored. Many are very thankful to have the ability to get the medicine that they need, and are more than willing to follow the rules that are in place. Once set up, it will not take long to fill your prescription and be on your way.