Breakfast Cereal and Reduce The Risk of Hypertension


Cereal is one of the easiest to prepare breakfast in the morning: just choose our favorite bowl, pour a serving of cereal and add a little milk. If you want you can add fresh fruit to give fun and delicious variations, and voila!

Now, take into account the following fact: everyday eating a bowl of whole grain cereal at breakfast may help reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. How wonderful!

D. Jinesh Kochar, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and his team of researchers found the risk of hypertension decreased by 20% in those who ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, seven days a week.

“I think there is good evidence that whole grains and their components, such as fiber, magnesium and potassium, giving it a wide range of benefits to the heart, blood vessels and the metabolism of glucose in the body, ” said Kochar AOL Health team.

“Consumption of whole grains, along with other healthy lifestyle habits, such as limiting sodium intake, moderation in consumption of calories and regular physical activity can reduce the risk of developing hypertension,” he added.

But make no mistake at breakfast time … When making your purchases and look in the cereal aisle, choose one rich in whole grains and fiber, rather than one filled with sugar, chocolate and marshmallows. Bon appetit!