Benefits of the Practice of Temazcal

The temazcal is obviously much more than other type of sauna because, traditionally, is done in a ritual of physical and mental cleansing.

Benefits of temazcal

Benefits of temazcal
As in most cultures around the world can see that here also promote sweating was key to improving health and eliminating all forms of physical and mental toxins. Some of the more obvious benefits of the practice of Temazcal are:
* Debug the airway (mucus, bacteria, etc.)..
* Clean the skin of impurities.
* Calm the nervous system.
* Our immune system (the defense) is strengthened (the stress and toxins weaken).

It is clear that benefits can be much broader and that any therapy that benefits the overall health may improve other symptoms or diseases indirectly.

A psycho-emotional level the benefits can be enormous. It all depends on who guide us in this ceremony (you can also use the Temazcal only as “sauna”). The fact help the greatest insight may be of assistance to overcome difficult moments mourning, separations, addictions or search for the meaning of our lives, and so on.

Precautions of Temazcal
As in a sauna or other type of steam there are people that they are uncomfortable with high temperatures indoors: people with heart problems, hypotension, varicose important, epilepsy, and hypertensive people with claustrophobia are some cases where people should always consult with your doctor about the advisability or otherwise of the Temazcal.