Basic Facts About Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant procedure is one of the advance dental implant procedures. The procedure is used as an alternative to wearing dentures. With dental implant an artificial root made of titanium metal is implanted into the jawbone. The dental implant procedure is performed by oral and maxillofacial surgeon and one of the best dentists who perform dental implant procedure is Domenick Coletti. He is not only expert in dental implant procedure, but as well as highly knowledgeable in various oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures. He is based in Maryland and a lot of people visit his dental clinic primarily because of dental implant procedure.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implant resembles like your real teeth. It is considered permanent because the implant naturally fuses with the bone at the time goes by. It will also improve your speech and chewing. You can chew and speak conveniently knowing that the implant will not slip or fall off. Unlike the conventional denture, dental implant is comfortable to use. You can eat your favorite foods with ease and comfort because dental implants are highly durable. It will not break easily and with proper care, the implant can last for years. As a matter of fact, dental implants can last a lifetime. One of the important benefits of dental implant improves oral health. It will only address the missing teeth and will not alter the surrounding tooth structure.

Who are eligible for dental implants?

If you wish to undergo dental implant procedure, then you should first consult your dentist. Domenick Coletti is the best dentist to talk to in terms of dental implant procedure. His years of experience honed his skills and knowledge in performing the procedure. For you to qualify for dental implant procedure, you should have a healthy gum and jawbone. You should as well maintain a good oral hygiene and will keep up with the regular dental visit. If you are a smoker, drinker, or with chronic disorders, then you have to be thoroughly evaluated to find out if you are qualified to undergo dental implant procedure.

Pain associated with dental implant procedure

Pain is common in any forms of dental procedure, but the pain is minimal and can be managed using pain medication. People who have undergone dental implant procedure verbalized that there is a little discomfort associated with dental pain, but the pain is bearable. As a matter of fact, it is painful to have your tooth extracted than undergoing dental implant procedure.