Baby Skin

baby skin

The skin of children is distinctly different from that of adults. This warrants special care and use of specific products.

How is it different from adults?

– The skin of a baby is extremely thin and vulnerable. As the materials used are safe and tailored to the needs of your baby.

– It is estimated that the skin in children is not completely defined until 3 years of age. This implies that they are more vulnerable to external aggressions (sun, sudden temperature changes, wind, snow, etc.).

– You must be special attention to skin bum to avoid irritation when diapers. The continuous and daily hygiene is also essential to prevent them.

– The quality and quantity of sebum secretion is also different from adults, so the barrier function of skin is affected.

For all these reasons you must use products specifically designed for use on children that hydrate, repair and protect your baby’s skin.