Baby’s Intelligence


The development of baby’s intelligence

Even after birth, the brain continues to evolve, and to form connections between neurons. You see with your toddler: each day he is more talented than the day before! How to evaluate the intelligence of toddlers? What factors will influence the development of the intellect from an early age? Zoom in on the genesis of the gray matter.

To evaluate the intelligence of small

Your child is necessarily the best. and smarter! But the understanding is measured there? What are the stages of development of the intellect among toddlers? The drawings they may be a reflection of brain organization? Learn how to evaluate the earliness of your toddler.

These factors influence the neurons

The intelligence is inborn or acquired? The debate still rages. But what is certain is that external factors have an early impact on the intellectual potential. Birth weight, diet or even the presence of television for toddlers will have a direct effect on the development of neurons. Discover the friends and enemies of the intellect.