Asthma medication

Asthma treatment

These are some recommendations to prevent asthma attacks or allergies at home last weekend

A) For a few days earlier:

1) adequate ventilation of any environment: from a neighbor, friend or a doorman to open the window every day to renew the air and sunlight environmentally destructive fungus.

2) vacuum cleaner or damp cloth to remove dust from the floor or on furniture, books, drawer and cabinet interiors (do not use a broom, a broom and wipe the fur.)

3) Remove any bedding or clothing outside the house bright and in daylight (sunlight). Beat with a stick to dust and mold ehminar that have been developed (“musty clothing.”)

B) If you can not air during the few days before, it is recommended: to arrive at noon for ventilation and clean environment to the maximum, while patients with allergic asthma or performing other tasks or entertainment out of the house or apartment. We recommend not to go home “old left” in the evenings.