Aloe Vera for Acne

Aloe VeraGood for skin health, acne usually attacks both men and women and their initial appearance is a black spot, also known as shin. It is covered with a dense fat that can easily become infected. Appear, usually on the cheeks, forehead few times and there is another variety which means the chest and back.

For abuse fatty meals, by excess and spicy seasonings for many uses of salt in food, by having constipation, in women as menstrual disorders, lack of exercise, the increase in hormonal stage of development, nervousness or concern, and aloe is a natural remedy to counteract these evils, because it has many medicinal and healing properties for skin.

Treatment based home remedy aloe. Consists of soaking a piece of aloe in warm boiled water, for 15 minutes at least.

The patient previously applied a steam bath in the affected part, based on chamomile. Dry well and proceed to extract the aloe jelly soaked initially and immediately applied in the area affected by acne. Repeat the priest during the time the disease persists. Avoid using chemicals or soaps which can aggravate this irregularity of the skin.

Aloe as medicinal has 2 components, lignin (cellulose) and polysaccharides (carbohydrates) that deeply penetrate the 3 layers of the skin and expel bacteria and fat deposits clogging the pores. So your vitamins and minerals and 17 amino acids, stimulate the reproduction of new cells, and restoring the healthy skin.